In June 2015, the Editor of the journal Electronic Physician decided to conduct research on the statistics of the time periods between ‘submission to acceptance’ of manuscripts and ‘acceptance to publication’ of manuscripts in past years. The records and archives of the journal were checked, and only the records for 2014 and 2015 were included in this research due to the lack of availability of comparable information in the earlier years.

According to the data obtained from all of the valid information about our published articles during 2014 and 2015, the mean time between the submission and acceptance of a manuscript was 96 days, which became 78 days after the outliers were removed. However, in the first half of 2015 (January through June, Issues 1 and 2), the mean time was reduced significantly to 71 days, which became 39 days after removing the outliers. 

In 2014, the mean time between acceptance and publication of a manuscript was 35 days, which became 32 days after removing the outliers. In 2015, the mean time was 59 days, which became 55 days after removing the outliers. 

According to our data, the main factor that determines the time between submission and acceptance is the time the authors use to prepare the revisions of their manuscript based on the comments and suggestions of our reviewers. However, there were two main factors that determined the time between acceptance and publication of manuscripts in 2014 and 2015, i.e., 1) the time authors take to revise their manuscripts based on our English editor's suggestions and comments and to revise the reference section based on input from our quality control technicians and 2) the limited number of issues published each year, which currently is four issues. Since the journal now has a wide range of authors from different parts of the world and submissions increased substantially during 2014-2015, the Editor of the journal has decided to publish the journal monthly beginning in July 2015.


Editorial office,

Electronic Physician Journal

July 02, 2015

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